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  1. Simply beautiful Rita…I’m so touched by your writing and the revealing of your most tender memories. I love you Rita and honored to be walking with you this Sunday in the Out of the Darkness walk…

  2. I can’t find the appropriate words… There aren’t any that would mitigate such pain. Let my love silently accompany those sweet memories. You have now your own angel looking after you.
    Your friend,

  3. Dear Rita, I posted a note earlier on having heard you speak to Panache, and friends said it had probably not reached you, as I had not known your name then. As a child adopted at 4yrs of age, after my whole family split up and my world turned inside out, I recognize the deep wounding that comes from being separated from the mother. Then as a mother, losing my younger daughter, aged fifteen, in a freak accident, I know how excruciating it is to go through the grieving and healing process. However, I chose to dive into the flames of my grief, and now I experience ‘no-loss’. Indeed I feel the closeness of my daughter in every breath and see her in every child’s smile. I salute you for your courage and your sacrifice. I recognized my daughter when she was born as a great love from some other time, some other place. I ‘believe’ that her loss was ‘agreed’ at a soul level before she even incarnated. Our whole family has grown from this experience. I heard her call me on the day of her memorial. I chose to go to the First Nation People for my healing, and was cherished by them and invited to join many healing ceremonies. I was told that my daughter was a ‘waybearer’ and indeed my work deepened to help others go through major life challenges because of this. I wrote a book called Healing Quest which describes my journey. My heart goes out to you, and to your beloved daughter. Your soul knows the reason for everything as does hers, and souls are totally forgiving and loving. May you feel the cherishing love of both your souls, magnify the courage and beauty and love that you demonstrate with such grace. Sending very much love, Marie

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