Gratitude – 2014




The Power of Gratitude


Nearing  the eve of a New Year and putting this one to rest in its own beautiful chapter of history brings me Peace tonight.  With all the longings and yearnings of my heart, I am most grateful for the every day simplicity that I have lived in this past year.  Nothing was taken for granted.  Even my own breath of Life has been a sacred daily prayer of gratitude.  Of course I slipped and fell a thousand times, into the abyss of the unknown, visiting ancient forests of my soul that were visited by my parents and grand-parents and their parents.  

When the fear arose so high on the scale that there was no going back, there was also an emergence of something more, something greater than my self, as I sometimes entered this zone of great discomfort.  But something was different this year.  I learned to stay with it, inside this zone of uncertainty, and to befriend it and allow it. . . even when it felt miserable and terrifying.  I was brave enough with my own precious self to just let it be, without trying to change anything.  Entering that field of awareness allowed me to pass through it, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and physically.  I just let go and allowed whatever was showing up to be fully present inside of me.  Full heart.  Complete acceptance. Full awareness, even in the unknowing.  On the other side of that fear came a great trust in the Universe and God. . . the undeniable knowing of a force of Good that was fully Present and in charge of my life.


So many platters of possibilities, so many hopes and dreams crushed and re-born with new ones arising every day, so many experiences that took me out on a limb, so many turns and twists on the road. . . all of them important and full of Love, Light and Learning.  New friends, old friends, false friends, new and deeper dimensions and connections, letting go of so much with Grace and Ease. . . such a Blessing!  


It’s amazing how little we need to live life fully and beautifully.  The kindness and generosity that arises from the hearts of sacred souls touching mine has been profound.  The level of Trust, again and again, has been an epiphany, once again!  So many souls swaddled in grief, similar to my own grief have shown up in the most amazing ways, and often in silence, without sharing the deepest parts of their own grief.  The faith and strength of  their character is just exquisite.  I see diamonds everywhere I turn.  I feel love everywhere I am.  And I am deeply grateful for this flow, this gorgeous river of sweetness inside my heart, and this abundance that is everywhere present, every day.


Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  As this year of 2014 approaches the end of its full cycle and circle, and the evolution of a New Year begins, I just want to say thank you to every one of you that has touched my heart and soul, body and mind with such Grace.  There are so many of you that I have not met, and yet deeply connected with on a soul level, personally through friends and family, through Facebook, and in the many classes we shared online.  So many great teachers and loved ones have brought us together, to share, to enlighten, to evolve, to ascend, to receive, and to love and support each other along our sacred journey.  So many epiphanies have manifested, and so much Grace has been showered upon us to open, to heal, to share, to love, to give, and to evolve and become the greatest expression of who we really are, without reserve, without hesitation, without limits.  You are all a great Blessing to me.  You are all a manifestation of the Divine in my own Life.


Thank you!  My Heart and Soul is filled with GRATITUDE !

Happy New Year, Sweet Friends.  Thank you for your Beautiful Blessings!  I am forever GRATEFUL !

Such power rests in our fingerprints and DNA. . . now let’s go dancing into 2015!