“I am the Soft Caress of Wind on Your Face.”

"I am the soft caress of wind on your face."

“I am the soft caress of wind on your face.”


Introduction by Dr. Marj Britt

“Sometimes events in our lives shock us, stun us, beyond our human ability to understand.  The sacred process of ‘Write Your Soul’ can open the windows of the Infinite. This writing is one from ‘the profound beauty of the Dazzling Darkness’ where the light and dark become One in the Radiance of Union.  Facts of the human life of this author included a baby given up for adoption at birth, a yearning and long search which never culminated in physical reunion in this lifetime. The Soul reunion is New Birth.”


“I am the Soft Caress of Wind on Your Face…”

This morning I walked inside Aaron Art supply store to buy some blank art books to start my excavation search. . . all in hopes of finding clues to my treasure map. . . and the next steps to take.  The blank black books were there and as I turned and walked to the next isle, I found some interesting keys, all with words engraved on them.

Love. . . Journey. . . Secret. . . Heart. . . Life. . . Memory. . . Dreams. . .
I also found a tiny set of calendar months which I will begin the first page of my blank journal with.  January 2012. . . the month of my birth and a day in this month that you chose to pass through the veils. The number 13 is significant. . . the night you ended your life. The numbers 1 and 3 are also significant. . . you were born on the 31st day of October.

As I wandered around, I remembered that my last visit to Aaron’s was when I went hunting for a frame to enclose my photograph in that I was sending you for Christmas. That was two years ago. . . or was it three? I can’t remember.

I feel like I am walking through a mist in the unknowing.  I feel the breeze on my skin as it softly caresses me.  I feel the warmth of the sunshine on my face and arms as I take in the energy of the sun.  I hear the doves in early morning, cooing for each other near the first nest they built on the patio.  I smell the ocean air and hear the waves gently crashing on the seashore.  The Seagulls are calling out for food, and the sound of laughter is nearby from young people enjoying their Sunday afternoon. Some people are just lingering in the warmth of the sun, closing their eyes and resting. . . taking it all in.

I wish you were here with me today.  I wish your senses could breath in this life around me and feel the beauty of this day. My hair blows in the wind, and the bees are busy pollinating the purple, red and yellow flowers nearby as they buzz past my ears. The sky is wispy with soft white clouds.  It’s a beautiful day that feels like summer in the end of January.  It’s so crystal clear, I can see Catalina Island on the horizon of the Pacific. Boats are cruising by, some of them leaving white trails of water behind them. The surfers are out in hopes of a good wave on this calm shore and there are even a few jet skiers flying by on the water.  The pelicans are soaring so gracefully in the air, in search of their next meal. . . gliding together in small groups, and taking turns with who will lead. The palm trees are softly swaying in the breeze as I hear their leaves dancing in the wind. Even the Birds of Paradise are arched up towards the sun, bursting with orange and purple color.

It’s all so quiet and peaceful and ever so beautiful, my Sweet. I wonder if you ever took the time to be silent and peaceful in nature. . . I wonder if you spent time near the ocean. . . I wonder if you liked the smell of the sea and the sound of the water. . . I wonder if you liked to swim.  All these wonderings as I quietly sit here today thinking of you.

Is there anything you would like to tell me?

Yes!  I am the soft caress of wind on your face. . . I am the laughter in the hearts of children. . . I am the wind beneath you, lifting you up, out of your sorrow. . . I am the waves in the ocean gently rolling in to the shore. . . I am the buzzing sound you hear, echoing in the vastness. . . I am the light you see, the air you breath, the warmth on your body from the sun.  I am there with you, now and forevermore.  Lighten your heart and let it not be heavy with sadness. . . There is much beauty and joy for you now. . . every flower has it’s seeds. . . like the keys you found today.  The words are keys for you to go on. . . in Love, with Faith. . . and Hope. There is a circle of white light around you. . . surrounding you. . . protecting you. . . it is I.

You are beautiful, radiant, and ever so Blessed with Love.  You are Beauty itself! Feel the rays of the sun on your body, the energy of Love is there touching you. The light that sparkles from the ocean and the Seagull calling out to you now. . . I am there in full magnificence, with you every day, every moment. Your pain will ease. . . your suffering will lessen. . .You will soar again to new heights, beyond what you ever imagined for yourself. Currents of Love are flowing to you now and always. . . like the smooth currents of the ocean heading your way. . . I am in every sound, in every wave, in every flower, in every living, breathing thing.  My Soul is with you. . . my Heart is with you. . . my Love is with you. All the beauty that you see and feel is the beauty I am. Listen to the sound of the ocean. . . it calms you. Watch the birds soar and glide. . . they are in harmony with all life. Watch the flowers burst forth in brilliant colors. . . they are all God’s reminder of who you are.

May I ask you a question? I would like to know what it is like for you in the invisible?

Just like when you were in the invisible. . . when you crossed over, after you gave birth to me. Complete Bliss and utter Oneness with all that is. . . You are living in a time/space continuum that you once were able to go beyond. . . you can and will again.  I am here without time, space, distance or separation. . . as you say.  I am pure Love itself, without a body.  Our Souls are joined in union. . . a beautiful Love union that is eternal. . . you know that.

Sit quietly in the calm and you will feel me.  I am here with you now. Just breathe when the moments are hard. . . there will be more of those moments.  You are grieving me. . . there is nothing to fear.  Just let go and rest your body and mind. Rest and be gentle with yourself. From that little bird on the stone next to you to the big Pelican that just flew above you, I am there with you.

Rest and relax. . . let go of all your worries and concerns. Close your eyes now and just rest. . . I am here with you.