Inner Wisdom


There is an inner knowing that is always calling forth a deeper experience of truth, of beauty, and love that connects us to our highest self. A doorway of revelation that hinges intimately close to our greatest fears and dreams. It is always there. Always present. Always available.

The question is am I willing to walk through that doorway and actually go through it to the other side? How intimately close and honest am I to become that spiritual warrior that is ready to leap into the unknown unfolding of my own vulnerability of existence? It is the place where I can acknowledge how powerless I feel, even though I choose to be fearless. It is the place where I can admit how little I actually know and how afraid I am of the not knowing. It is astonishing how close I can stand inside this doorway of the unknowing and feel my own vulnerability of existence. A crack of light enters the darkness.

Nothing is for certain. It’s all a mystery. We are all in flux, trying to find certainty when there is none. Inside of this beautiful unknowing lies the mystery that invites us to make this journey sacred and to hold our life as an exquisite masterpiece. To say thank you for what we have been given and to receive what we are receiving with full heart, without resistance or closing. Choosing to bring our daily doings into this divine space of our own hands and heart, to guide ourselves into our own wisdom. Inside of this deep quiet inner space I ask what it is that needs to crack open within me. I ask that my heart be uncovered from all the cobwebs of the past, and to simply say thank you. Every morning the dawn breaks and a new sunrise greets us. The light is everywhere saying good morning. Every offering life hands you is a gift that has the potential to create beauty. Life is sacred. All of it.