Easter 2013

Easter Morning . . . The Dove’s


March 31, 2013


The Dove’s came calling a month ago.  They have built their nest here every Spring for the last five years.  I rarely see them, but I hear their sweet sounds cooing every morning, around 5:00 a.m.  That soft, gentle sound awakens me to the day ahead.  They remind me that Spring has arrived. . . that magical time of year when flowers burst forth and seeds planted long ago blossom with fragrance and vibrant color.  It’s like no other time of year. . . a time of rebirth and renewal.  New possibilities! . . . New dreams! . . . New hopes! . . .New ideas!    It’s the time of year I am always most grateful for.


I am reminded of sweet memories from my childhood and the love shared with family and close friends.  The Easter egg hunts, the pretty bouquets of flowers everywhere, the even prettier Easter bonnets and dresses on fair maidens, including myself.  Soft pastel colors, real eggs and chocolate bunnies, colored baskets, and straw.  All hidden in luscious gardens for a child’s delight and discovery!  Beautiful white lilies are in bloom everywhere.  Such precious memories of the beauty of Spring!  Those colored eggs and silk ribbons, the May poles and Easter baskets filled with eggs, classical music and unstoppable laughter, outdoor picnics, lunch with beautiful china and crystal, and prayers of gratitude on Easter Sunday morning at church.  Easter is a time of celebrating life!


Every spring when the Doves return to nest, I am reminded of these special pleasures in my life.  Those sweet moments that always bring a smile to my face and awaken my heart to Love, once again.  After all, it was Springtime when I first fell in love!  It feels like my heart opens just a little bit more each spring, awakening me to a new kind of love within myself.  Something way bigger than me that I am ever so grateful for.


Every evening the Dove’s cooing sounds return.  Nature’s clock is singing a melody at day’s end, a reminder that it is also time for me to rest and renew. It’s so quiet and so beautiful.  I thank God for these Dove’s. They are a symbol  of harmony and grace, and the promise of spiritual renewal.  As I listen to their coo’s, I think about the many hats  I have worn throughout my life. . . from all the Easter bonnets and walkabouts on Fifth Avenue and St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, to the many summer beaches in Florida and the Caribbean. The white sands and a new hat, and often a new dress and shoes at Easter were a simple luxury.  One that always made me feel beautiful and special.  Those precious gifts of adornment and Love that a child remembers from Easter mornings long ago can last a whole lifetime!


This morning, as I listen to the Dove’s cooing, I suddenly hear an old Easter song  from my childhood.


In your Easter Bonnet

With all the Frills upon it,

You’ll be the Grandest Lady in the Easter Parade.


I think of my mother when I remember that song.  She was always the grandest lady in the Easter parade, even if she did not know it.  Bursting with excitement and endless possibilities, she knew how to create the joys of Easter morning for her children.  It is and always will be a festive time of celebration for new life and renewal!  Family traditions and memories that last a lifetime!


May your Easter be joyful and all your eggs and bunnies be filled with Love, like mine.

Happy Easter!

Easter Bunny!

Easter Bunny!

Beautiful Easter Eggs!

Beautiful Easter Eggs!