Pope Francis ~ “Never Let the Day End Without Making Peace”

What an Inspiration!  Pope Francis gracing The White House with President Obama  –  September 2015.  There is nothing more powerful than the power and  force of Love & Unity.   

Pope Francis & President Obama ~ Washington, DC, Sept. 2015

Pope Francis & President Obama ~ Washington, DC,  September 2015

The Power of Love in action at The White House.  Look closely at the smiles of these two men and their faces.  Yes!  It is Pope Francis.  Yes!  It is President Obama.  But here, in this moment, this photograph reflects the faces of Joy, Love, Laughter, and mutual Respect and Admiration between two men who respect, admire, and understand each other.  A Divine Connection of the Heart & Soul.  Two important and powerful World Leaders sharing a genuine moment of heartfelt connection.



A beautiful moment with Pope Francis, President Obama and our First Lady, Michelle Obama.  Walking the path together.  



Pope Francis meets the first family dogs inside the private quarters of The White House.

Pope Francis meets the First Family Dogs

Pope Francis meets the First Family Dogs

Pope Francis speech about Family in Philadelphia – 9/26/2015

“Beauty leads us to God… and God is Truth… All that is beautiful leads us to God.  Some things we do have to take care of…the children and the grandparents.  Grandparents are the Living Memory of the Family.  They passed on and transmitted the faith to us.  To look after Grandparents and Children is the expression of Love. It promises the future that doesn’t know how to look after their children, and the people who knows not how to look after grandparents is a people that has no future because it doesn’t have strength or the memory to go forward.  Family is beautiful but there is effort involved and there are problems….Never let the day end without making Peace.  In a family you can’t finish the day off without being in peace.”

God Bless Pope Francis.  What an Inspiration he is to so many!  Pray for him.  Here is a link to his live speech in Philadelphia. Thanks to The Guardian. His speech begins at 1:59 into recordinghttp://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2015/sep/26/pope-francis-visits-philadelphia-us-tour-live

Photograph Credits:  The White House 


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