To Have & To Have Not

May 30, 2014

To Have and Have Not

What would you do in the name of Love?

What would you do in the name of Love?

To Have and Have Not…

There she was….crouched down in between the sushi bar sign and the one for Italian food and Budweiser…. I couldn’t help but notice her as I walked outside the sushi bar. Almost hidden from sight in her low posture and yet glaringly present. In a world between worlds.

What brings a woman to this place? To this posture of crouching down and hiding? What are her secrets that lie hidden behind the veils? What happened to her? Why is she so desperately seeking help? My heart throbs and pounds. My mind races into a million possibilities. And then, in this present moment, I just accept her and acknowledge her. I shift from wanting to be her savior to just being fully present, in this moment. All I feel is Love and Compassion for this woman.

As I sat at the Sushi Bar a few moments ago, I noticed how small my portion was that would feed and satisfy me. It was Beautiful! Two small pieces of Sushi would do it. And I also noticed the couple next to me that were gorging on every item on the menu. I asked myself, ‘How can they eat so much food when children are starving’? I know it’s not a pleasant thought, but none the less, it was that thought that appeared in my mind as I watched them eat for a family of 10. I wondered….what are they starving from? Is it lack of connection…lack of Love…..lack of what? I had no idea. I just felt compelled to order my check and go. So I did.

As I walked outside, here was this beautiful woman crouching inside the mercy of the Gods, asking for help. From one extreme of over-eating to the other extreme of poverty and homelessness lies the secret ingredient. Love. Compassion. Care. Sharing. Giving. Receiving.

What does it take to take care for one another? What can we do to stop the greed and massive consumption of ‘over everything’ to sharing what we have? How do we peel back the eyelids of unconsciousness and act from our Hearts? It’s all about Consciousness and Awareness. It’s all about the opening of the mind and heart, long enough to witness and feel the pain and suffering all around us. It’s all about realizing there is enough for everyone, every day, every moment.

Who is in front of you, and in your local neighborhood, right here, right now that needs your help? What can you offer from your heart, your soul, and your pocket? What can you share that needs to be shared right now?

Perhaps it’s a meal, or a warm bath and bed for the night. Perhaps it’s your open heart that listens well to a story of their lives that has never been told. Perhaps it’s a warm embrace. Perhaps it’s just money in their pocket. And just perhaps, it’s something more…something that will change that persons life forever and make it better.

What I know for sure is that every human being is longing for Love and Acceptance. So if, for just a moment. you could step out or your ordinary, into the extraordinary, what would you do for Love?

Abundantly Adorned Beautiful Child

Abundantly Adorned Beautiful Child