Jennifer’s Journey Home

Finding Our Way Home...

Finding Our Way Home…


Jennifer’s Journey Home – 1/14/2014  
Two years ago on this day, January 14th, my Daughter took her own life. She was 42 years young. Alone. Desperate. At the end of her rope. I will never know why she took her own life.     I will never know why she was so frightened to meet me, her Birthmother. I have longed to know her and embrace her my entire adult life.


I have searched for her my all of my life. After ‘39 Years of Silence’ and searching, I finally found her! We shared an intimate relationship for 3 years, until she drowned in her own silence, shame, sorrow and grief. Her name was Jennifer. I Loved her from the deepest parts of my being, as a woman, and as a Mother who was not allowed to keep her own child. It was forbidden.


As an unwed pregnant mother in 1969, I was forced to give up my child for adoption. The moral code and social ethics of the day gave Birthmothers one of two choices: 1)  Either kill and abort your child illegally or 2)  give them up for adoption. To this very day State Records remain ‘sealed’, unopened and locked away by shame, silence, and secrecy in an antiquated and dark belief system that prevents Birthmothers and Adoptive Children from connecting to each other. Even health records are sealed.


While many laws have changed over the years, those dark ages of adoption still hold antiquated belief systems, deep scars and silenced secrets for millions of children and mothers around the world. To this very day, in 2014, the laws in Florida, where I gave birth to my daughter, still prevent mothers and their children from connecting. State records are sealed, as they are in many States and Countries.


Help me to bring Light into these dark ages of adoption. Help Jennifer’s Journey Home be one of Light, Joy and Freedom. Help us to speak our Truth and not die in shame and secrecy any longer. “39 Years of Silence” is the name of our book, our story. It is a book whose time has come and whose voice needs to be heard and shared. It’s time to give birth and freedom to all Birthmothers and Children whose voice has been silenced by shame and secrecy through these last 5 Decades. It’s time to share it with the world and give voice as we journey home. Together we can do this. And we need your support to do it. It’s Significance and Legacy is that even now, today, millions of Birthmothers and Children are still silenced by this shame and secrecy.  “39 Years of Silence” opens the door and lets the Light shine in.

Our ‘Go Fund Me‘ drive is to raise the capital needed to  EDIT,  PUBLISH and  PROMOTE   “39 YEARS OF SILENCE” and share it with the world, so that it may help to heal so many women and children affected by the silence and shame of adoption. Our fundraising goal is $25,000. to cover these costs. We need your Love and we ask for your Support. Thank You for your Gift and for helping us to make this world a better place by untying the dark knots of past judgement, shame and secrecy. We are honored by your Love. We are Grateful for your Support.


With Deep and Profound Gratitude, Thank You!


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Jennifer's Journey Home

Jennifer’s Journey Home