Synchronicity, Magic & Miracles


Visons of Rita with Alice, through the Looking Glass

Visons of Rita with Alice, through the Looking Glass


Sometimes it feels like magic and synchronicity. . .

It’s those amazing moment’s in ones life that feels like magic and synchronicity when everything is flowing, moving forward, generating awesome results for wished and hoped for dreams, but what about when you’re in the middle of it all and feeling so small and vulnerable?  Alice, who is lost in her Wonderland is the perfect example of this moment.  Filled with possibility and hope, arising from the miraculous travels she has just begun, the crazy and beautiful magician appears before her.  Many disguises, many forms, many false beliefs stand in the forefront of her Truth.

I see so much possibility and potential in this Wonderland, and then I wake up to the reality of each day.  What brings you here today, Sweet Love?  This is the question I ask myself each day. What am I here to do?  Who am I here to serve?  How small do I appear to the great, big wishes, hopes, dreams, and goals that I have yet to realize in my own Heart and Soul?  Are they real? Are they still possible?  Can they be accomplished?  Can they be realized?  Am I living a vision of Rita with Alice through the looking glass, or something else?  I wonder….perhaps it’s a kaleidoscope of images, patterns, thoughts, behaviors, and emotions of the heart that keep changing, manifesting, over time into something new…always morphing into something new. Sometimes it feels old.  Sometimes it feels new and exciting, even exhilarating at moments. Sometimes the roar of a Lion shows up and rears its fierce head of power. Sometimes fear shows up. Sometimes delight and joy show up.  Sometimes confusion shows up.  Sometimes sadness shows up. Sometimes wonder shows up. Sometimes everything shows up…like a whirlwind  of the days before me, the days behind me, the day present  to me now, and the days that will arrive after me.  Sometimes it feels like being in the eye of a hurricane, while I am at peace and calm, in the center of this storm.

I remember so well as a child looking through the eyes of a kaleidoscope and feeling magic, seeing beauty, imagining possibility, even miracles.  Everything was a mystery and a Divine Possibility.  Each turn of the wrist took me to a different place.  A new image. A new experience.  A new possibility.  A new moment in time. Always being fully ‘Present’ to the next view after the next turn of the wrist. Daydreams lead to visions. Visions lead to possibilities. Possibilities lead to inquiry.  Inquiry lead to learning.  Learning lead to Action.  Action lead to Accomplishment.

We are all here for a magnificent purpose.  To align with our Destiny and our Soul’s calling is to align with our True selves, our deepest purpose, our greatest glory and our Legacy.  I have morphed into so many forms and shapes and colors and hues over the years, that I’m spinning…, and just like the next turn of the kaleidoscope, I don’t know who I am anymore.  There is magic and mystery here, in the unknown.

Somewhere inside of this emptiness, I have emptied out all that was and has been before me.  The miracle of this moment is that I am at Peace in the midst of so much turmoil and uncertainty.  My slate is clean, white, untouched, and everything that appeared as it was before is no longer visible.  I feel like the small Alice, in front of the dazzling eyes of the Magician, delivered on a Divine Platter of Possibilities, wandering around Wonderland, in search of  everyday Miracles. The eyes of the Magician are like the eyes of the kaleidoscope. . .easy to get lost in. . . easy to wander about.  I ask myself, ‘What Vision am I bringing forth? What is my calling? What are my next steps? What is my plan of action or inaction? What am I here to do now?’

Keep wandering in Wonderland or stake a claim to my Divinity, right here, right now?   After all, Alice was a perfect example in the jungle of disguise.  Her gardens blossomed with all kinds of possibilities and all kinds of insurmountable obstacles…but she had the eyes and vision of the kaleidoscope in her toolkit…and she used them wisely to find her way out of the jungle of disguise and inside the Divine Paradise of Possibilities.  The rabbit hole holds many wonders, many opportunities for growth, and everyday Miracles are always Present, if we are Present to the Divine within us.  Synchronicity is always there and available to us when we get out of our own way.