Valentine’s Day – 2014

Loving One Another

Loving One Another


February 14, 2014


That’s it!  That’s all that really matters in the end, is how we were with each other, and how deeply we Loved one another. . . no matter what!  That kind of unconditional Love that only a Dog can give you is rare indeed, but it does exist in the human heart. Rare it is, but it’s there, as pure as the human heart.  


What is it about a Dog’s DNA that allows it to love you, a human. . . so unconditionally, and for an entire lifetime?  Isn’t that indeed why Dog’s are here on earth? . . . to teach us human’s what unconditional Love is all about? That’s what Dog’s do….they Love you, no matter what!  Their Heart is always open. So why is it human hearts shut down?


It’s Valentine’s Day 2014 ~ What can you do today, this very moment, to show someone how much you Love them?  What gifts lie inside your heart that will touch another heart?  Is it a touch of your hand, or an embrace that has been withheld for far too long? Is it something that needs to be said or spoken or heard and felt? Is it a pain deep within you that has not been voiced and shared and needs to be spoken to the one you Love the most?


Open your heart space.  Release the pain body. Let go. Be fully present to this moment. It is all you have. Give your precious heart to those in front of you.  It doesn’t matter who they are.  Everyone is in need of more Love.  More Tenderness. More Kindness.  More Understanding.  More Empathy.  More Heart.  More Space. . . just to be themselves, uniquely and authentically, without judgement.


Be the gift that you came here to be.  Lovingly ask yourself:  “What is the greatest gift I can give myself and this person who stands in front of me?”  What can I offer as a messenger of Love and Light?  What can I say or do that will lift their Spirit and in return, lift mine? What is the most significant Loving act of Kindness I can offer, right here, right now, without an ounce of my ego in the way?


Sometimes it’s just breathing into the space of what is. . . without an action or a word.  Sometimes it’s a definite action that holds loving, powerful and kind words that can shift someone’s consciousness from sub-zero temperatures into warm and sunny days. . . melting the ice inside a human heart.  And sometimes, no matter how hard you try to break the barriers of confusion and misunderstanding, there will remain something unresolved, frozen and still, inside a mindset, belief and heart space you were not prepared for.  The frozen space of a frozen heart leaves you in shock for a while.  It is so cold there. . . you just don’t know what to do.  Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.  Zero, sub-zero temperatures are not a friendly climate to be in.


Whatever, wherever, whenever and whoever. . . may it always be about Love.  The opening of our Hearts to another living, sentient being is truly the opening of our own heart. 


The purpose of the spiritual path is to unmask and take off our armor.  It often feels like a crises when it happens, because it is a crises of a fixed identity that is no longer living in Truth. As we dismantle this robe and all of the identities that have served to fortify its presence in our own existence, we finally realize that the only way to let go and move on with our own lives is to let go of it all, totally and completely, in full surrender. How do we tolerate uncertainty without suffering?  We don’t.  We just go through it as we kneel and pray and bow our heads with our hearts full of Love.  Grace is always Present.   Every moment.   Every day. 


As we look deeper inside the real cause of our suffering, we may come to realize that it is not about our inability to tolerate uncertainty, as much as it is about our denial of our fundamental groudlessness of being human.  We are One.  And we are all whispering our praises and our denials in this Sacred Space of the Holy One.  


Cloak of Divine Love

Cloak of Divine Love

Cloak of Divine Love

Cloak of the Divine

December 12, 2013

Like a Cloak of Divine Love, hanging loosely over my shoulders, I am embraced today by  Divine Presence.  As I still my thoughts and quiet my mind, my body rests in complete peace.

I feel the embrace of the Divine.  My body has left its weight behind, and I am no longer bound by its heaviness or activities. I am weightless in the Presence of the Divine.  I am soaring through this heavenly tunnel of white light and lifted up beyond the world of existence, as I know it, day in and day out.  I am transported into a space of nothingness, emptiness and the Divine.

All is quiet.  All is still.  All is Beautiful.  All is Breathtaking.  All is Presence.  All is Exquisite.  All is One.  All is Expansive.  All is Inclusive.   All is Everlasting.  All is Timeless and Eternal.  All is Now, in this Moment.  All is Sacred.  All is Love.

There are no words to describe this experience.  They would be far to shallow for the profound depth and expansion of ones being.  It must be felt.  It must be experienced.  It must be revealed and known to one self as the layers of the human self are unraveled, and let go of. It is complete and utter surrender to what is.

I have been here before, in full surrender, and in complete and utter peace.  I was so young then, 19 years old.  After the most tragic and utter experience of loss, I just gave in.  I let go.  And the Divine embraced me, lifted me, caressed me, held me, and loved me, utterly and completely.

I am no longer walking in another’s shadow, or my own.  I am embracing my Divine Self, as it is, wholly and completely.  It is Holy.  It is Divine.  It is Magnificent.