Who is there?

Who is really there for you?



At the end of the end, when all is said and done and the days and nights are long, who is really there for you, beside you? . . . Loving you with a warm embrace, a cup of loving kindness, and a heart full of love, gentleness, and understanding.  I think it is left to each of us alone, as we must find ourselves inside of our own heart of hearts, and to embrace our lives with tender loving kindness. No matter the scar, the confusion, the pain or the people, or the situation. It is up to us to help ourselves get through the grief and the pain, to the other side. Where the light is. That is what matters most…where the light is.


There really is no one out there to help us, but ourselves. Our own sweet spirit, our own beautiful heart and mind, and the love we so deeply carry inside of us. It is the purest form of medicine we have available to us, to help us heal from any wound. It is inside us.


I’ve noticed since the passing of my Beloved Mother, who was the person closest to me throughout my lifetime, that there were few friends who showed up to be with me…to stand with me…to sit in silence with me, and to love me when I needed their love the most. One of them was there for Mom’s Memorial Service and visitations for a couple months afterwards, but since then total silence.  Another friend was not available for the first six months, and when she returned to visit recently, it seemed to be all about her and her life and needs. I felt almost invisible.

I am most grateful for those who did appear and sat by my side in these most difficult moments of grief.  Even if I don’t understand their silence, I do know that silence is pure.  

At the beginning of this year when my journey of grief began again, I was given these words that have helped me every day. They are posted above my nose on the front of my desk, so I read them every morning and afternoon. (I don’t remember who sent them to me, but I think it was Moon Omens.)

“No one is coming to save you. To give you permission To choose you. To validate you. This has always been your job.  You have to love yourself so fiercely that you have no other choice but to be strong for yourself, to fight for yourself, to be yourself, and to build yourself.  It’s time for you to get excited and fall in love with your life all over again.  There is so much being divinely orchestrated for you behind the scenes. Trust you are supported. If you could see what was coming, you would not be doubting what is next. You’ve come this far, be happy, raise the vibration and jump for joy. Visualize your desired outcome and know that it is definitely possible. The Universe and the Divine have got your back and always will.”

Thank you!