Wise Women

Mom & Me


Sometimes our mothers can speak to us in the most beautiful and mysterious ways. My Beloved Mom passed through the veils in mid-January 2020, and I was completely devastated by this loss and our extraordinary connection and bond of love throughout her lifetime. We were exceptionally close and serious best friends, and we traveled the world together several times. The laughter and love never stopped for a moment.  In many ways, we were soul mates, destined to share our journey together. My parents are European, so it is no surprise that I am always attracted to European men and women. For the most part of my life, they have always been my best friends and lovers, and my partners along my life path. Rich tapestries indeed.

Recently I received these messages from my mother, which is no surprise to me, as she was always speaking to me with love, affection and kindness, even when it was hard and sometimes soft. I loved her unconditionally, as I know she loved me. Thank God for our Mothers!  I will always treasure the times we shared together.  Endless nights of laughter, good conversation, and lots of travels and exploration into uncharted territories.  My heart is full of Gratitude and Love. Always.



Wise Woman

Be with me. Right now. Let your hair out of its ponytail and let it be loose and free, like you. Free to feel the wind and breeze in your hair and on your face. Free to breathe the fresh air and smell the salt waters of the Atlantic ocean where you were born. 

Come sit with me at the edge of the ocean, where we used to swim and dance in the sand.
I am here with you, listening to your soul’s longing.  I hear you. Everyday. 

Loosen the tangles from your hair that you have grown so long after my passing, and let it be. Let it all be as it is, and as it should be. I hear your cries and whispers calling out my name every day; sometimes it’s Mom or Mum, and often times its Mama, or even my name.

I know you think of me so often, every day. All you need to know is that I am here with you always, every moment of every day. I am never far from you. Sometimes it’s in your car, sitting next to you in the passenger seat, as I touch your hand and our Love ring on your pinky finger that spells LOVE. You know the one, as you wear it daily. And sometimes you hear the words of Michael Jackson singing on the radio that speaks directly to you: “You Are Not Alone, I am here with you.” I always am with you sweetheart. Always.

I am aware that you had to pull over the side of the road to fully embrace this moment and feel me next to you. It was profound for both of us, as I knew I had finally reached you with so much Love after my passing through the veils. I could feel your very essence, as I know you felt mine too. Pure essence. Pure eternal love.

Other times I am with you in the garden, watching you plant new flowers and watering the trees and plants, and tending to the bird houses. Often I am with you while you dream and sleep, as I send you messages of Love that will awaken your heart and soul and deepen your awareness and consciousness. I am always with you my love, my precious daughter. And I am here in the beautiful and ethereal space, on the other side of life with your daughter and your father. It is a Blessing to be so loved and adored!

You do know that our Love is eternal. And that life continues on in another form, another energy and universe of extraordinary love and beauty. Without veils, without time or distance or separation. I am in complete Oneness with every living and loving energy in the Universe, and connected to all light sources. You are my living light and a wise woman. I learned so much from you in my lifetime.

It is with gratitude and so much Love that I thank God and the Divine that you were on this journey with me throughout my lifetime. Thank you for taking such good care of me and loving me the way you did. So beautifully, so lovingly, so kindly, even through my darkest hours and most fearful times, at the end of my life. You never skipped a beat… you gave me your all, and I am so grateful for your love, your kindness and your compassion. It is so elegant and beautiful.

It could not be any other way, could it? We were so deeply connected to our hearts and souls, like sisters, and then again like Mother & Daughter. But in the end, you were really like my mother, my nurse, my caregiver, my everything, taking care of my every need, every day, every moment. Thank you! Your presence made me feel whole and deeply loved to the very end of my lifetime.

I am aware of how much sacrifice you gave of your own life to take such good care of me. I know it was very hard for you, and I am aware that you choose to give up so much of your own life to see me through to the end of my life. I could not have done it without you. And I’m certain I lived the last 12 years of my life because you were in it, here with me always, close by and so very attentive and caring, always loving. Thank you Sweetheart. I am forever grateful.

Now it’s time for you to get on with your own life, without me. I know that won’t be easy, as we were so close. Best Friends Forever. But it is time for you to move forward and move on to new travels and new experiences that bring you so much Love and Joy and Beauty. Every step you take in your new direction, I will be there along side you. And you will feel me with you, as you do now. Your are a Wise Woman. Always remember that. And You are safe. You are protected. You are Divinely Guided. And you are deeply Loved.

Stay strong. Feel the power of Spirit within your Being, and go forward with Grace and Ease and Confidence. I am always here with you. And so are your Angels from Heaven and Earth. Be at Ease. Laugh. Have Fun. Relax. Be at Peace. Breathe. Take it easy! And always be present to the Wise Woman that you are! You are Beautiful, inside and out.

Your only mission now is to Love and be Loved, and to share your gifts that the Divine has given you, which is beauty. You will always have your gift of writing, but you probably won’t use it until your later years. You already know you have a few books living inside of you. So write them and finish them when the moment is right. Enjoy your life Darling! It’s so precious, and so short, even when you live a long and healthy life,  like mine. It all passes so quickly.

I love you my Darling Daughter and I hear every word you speak to me. I am also responding with loving kindness. I know you feel me close to you. And soon you will hear my voice and messages more clearly in your silence. Sometimes they will come to you in a dream, other times you will hear me speak with you directly, as you did in the car.

Just keep moving forward with your heart open, and your mind quiet and alert in this present moment. You will always be with me and I am always by your side. Every moment of every day. Know that.

With my Greatest Love,

Forever & Always ~


Your Mom


Who is there?

Who is really there for you?



At the end of the end, when all is said and done and the days and nights are long, who is really there for you, beside you? . . . Loving you with a warm embrace, a cup of loving kindness, and a heart full of love, gentleness, and understanding.  I think it is left to each of us alone, as we must find ourselves inside of our own heart of hearts, and to embrace our lives with tender loving kindness. No matter the scar, the confusion, the pain or the people, or the situation. It is up to us to help ourselves get through the grief and the pain, to the other side. Where the light is. That is what matters most…where the light is.


There really is no one out there to help us, but ourselves. Our own sweet spirit, our own beautiful heart and mind, and the love we so deeply carry inside of us. It is the purest form of medicine we have available to us, to help us heal from any wound. It is inside us.


I’ve noticed since the passing of my Beloved Mother, who was the person closest to me throughout my lifetime, that there were few friends who showed up to be with me…to stand with me…to sit in silence with me, and to love me when I needed their love the most. One of them was there for Mom’s Memorial Service and visitations for a couple months afterwards, but since then total silence.  Another friend was not available for the first six months, and when she returned to visit recently, it seemed to be all about her and her life and needs. I felt almost invisible.

I am most grateful for those who did appear and sat by my side in these most difficult moments of grief.  Even if I don’t understand their silence, I do know that silence is pure.  

At the beginning of this year when my journey of grief began again, I was given these words that have helped me every day. They are posted above my nose on the front of my desk, so I read them every morning and afternoon. (I don’t remember who sent them to me, but I think it was Moon Omens.)

“No one is coming to save you. To give you permission To choose you. To validate you. This has always been your job.  You have to love yourself so fiercely that you have no other choice but to be strong for yourself, to fight for yourself, to be yourself, and to build yourself.  It’s time for you to get excited and fall in love with your life all over again.  There is so much being divinely orchestrated for you behind the scenes. Trust you are supported. If you could see what was coming, you would not be doubting what is next. You’ve come this far, be happy, raise the vibration and jump for joy. Visualize your desired outcome and know that it is definitely possible. The Universe and the Divine have got your back and always will.”

Thank you!
















Nothing Sweeter than a Mother’s Love!

Mom.  She meant the world to me. In every way!



She was the light of my life, the glue that held me together through thick and thin, through all the years. She was the inspiration for so many of my dreams.  She always had my back, and made me laugh and cry… sometimes in the same afternoon and minutes apart. All the time. She had extraordinary charm and wit that sent waves of love and laughter wherever she was.  And she was also difficult, and at times, not easy to understand. Mom lived an extraordinary life, from Berlin, to Shanghai, to New York, to Miami Beach, to California. What she left behind are the extraordinary memories of a love so deep. So special. So profound. So close. Mom was my best friend.

She traveled the globe, but no matter how far she went, she always came back to where the love was closest to her heart. I will miss her forever. There is no other love like a Mother’s Love. It is eternal and elegant.

I’ve not been able to bring myself here for a very long time, until tonight…to write about Mom and her passing through the veils.  It was on a late evening in mid-January, just before my birthday. She was in hospice care at home, and I had been taking care of her for a long time. But this last year of her life was different than any other. And she knew it too. Something was wrong, and she kept telling me she felt different. I knew it too. After so many doctor appointments, brain scans, blood tests, and trips to the ER, one of her doctors finally admitted that she suffered from a slight stroke and suggested I take her home and love her as best I can for the rest of her life. We did that, not knowing how long we would have together. It wasn’t long.

Auf Wiedersehen, liebste Mutter.  I carry your heart with me, inside my heart. Every day. Every where I am, you are always with me. 

I don’t know how I have survived these last six months without you close to me. There were times I did not think I would make it through another day, another moment, to the other side of grief. Grace stepped in and I let go of it all. Feeling the feelings and acceptance was the first step. 

My entire life changed forever when it was your last day. Silence. Stillness. Death. Witnessing your crossing over, through the veils, from life to heaven’s gate. Ever since that moment my world was turned upside down, inside out. I am like a spinning circle that never stops spinning, and never knows what each day brings to the compass point I land on. All I know is that there is an emptiness here, that I have never known before and I feel this immense heartache of loss. And I know it is all about our love.

I know that I will heal from the depths of this grief and losing you, as I feel you are with me, guiding me every day. I still rise to greet you every morning, as I look at your photograph and smiling eyes. And then I smile too.

Thank God we shared so many beautiful years together, and so many travels around the world.  These memories carry me through, and carry me forward. I will always miss you, but I know that wherever I go, you go too. You are inside my heart, and I carry your heart with me always. Everywhere. 

Thank you Mom for your Love and eternal Blessings of kindness. Thank you for Life! Goodbye my Darling Mother, my liebste Mutter. Auf Wiedersehen. 

I’ll see you on the other side when I arrive someday and embrace you with all my heart and soul.

Forever & Always,

XO Rita






The Time is Now: A New Decade – Hello 2020

The Wheels keep turning…


Strike of Midnight:


Time for change and welcoming extraordinary blessings in this New Decade.  Hello 2020!

It’s that time of year when you fall in love…the week between Christmas and the New Year that feels fresh, new, and crisp with possibility. It’s the ending of a decade as we approach the cusp of a new year and decade. Hello and welcome in the 2020’s!

Some of us have fallen in and out of love…some of us have started new careers and ended old ones. Some of us have said goodbye to old patterns, behaviors, beliefs, and lifestyles while some of us have let it all go in a flash. Some of us are praying into something unseen and unknown, completely new and unexpected, with perhaps unimaginable blessings. And some of us stay behind, held hostage to the past. Some of us imagine what could be, and some of us judge what should be. And some of us believe in miracles and magic and trust the divine timing of the Universe to deliver us to the love we long for, and the life we imagine ourselves living.

All of it. Every bit of it is sacred, beautiful and profound. Even our distress and dark moments as we feel and witness our shadow self. It is to be embraced, like everything else.  Time and the rolling forward of a clock does not change us. It simply reminds us that our life is short and our time here is temporary. Our consciousness and our awareness in this present moment of living always brings us back inside the center of ourselves. 



Doors open and close throughout our lifetimes. Love comes and goes. Relationships come and go. Friendships come and go. Our work changes, our life changes, our relationships change, our homes change.  We go on, sometimes confused and sometimes brilliantly inspired – from closeness to separation – and sometimes if we are lucky, we come back to each other in a more beautiful way.

This is life. This is living. There really is no roadmap. Perhaps we’ve invested in a coach in the past whom we thought could get us through our blockage, but in fact the only person who could get us through the shadow was our own self. Perhaps a therapist could help along the way, and sometimes they do – but it in the end – it’s all up to YOU.  No one has power over your brain, your heart, your mind, your imagination, your experiences, and your memories…only you sweetheart. Only YOU.  And it’s up to each of us to step up and see clearly, feel deeply, and honor, recognize, support, and acknowledge all that we are and have been through. I know of no one who has not gone through enormous challenges and heart wrenching stories of their lives, only to finally speak their Truth and share it. No one. We are all wounded, we are all lovable and loving, and we are all magnificent! It’s the glory and the story of life. No one escapes it. And eventually we move on… upwards, forward, and onwards to our new experiences of living our lives. Beautifully.



As I reflect back on the 2000’s and feel the presence and power of possibilities in the 2020’s, I think about young people who have influenced me and our world with the greatest messages of hope and love. Greta Thunberg is the first who comes to mind. There is inspiration in her voice about the global climate emergency.  So much change is needed in the world today and it all starts with heart and consciousness. Large corporations and political sidings will never get us there. It’s about the people… ‘We the people’ as the clock strikes midnight and is about to shift forward to a new decade, we must all take action and move forward.



I pray we are smart enough as humans, and intelligent enough to take action now.  The voices of the youth have been heard around the world. But without action and changes in our everyday lives, behaviors and lifestyles, nothing will happen. More importantly, the carbon emissions are much more of a political and economic issue than any other. How fast can they shift their way of thinking and board votes into global wind farms and solar instead of gasoline, etc.? There is no way out…there is only a way in to a consciousness that is above and beyond the bottom line of economic growth charts. 


We the people can speak up and make our voices heard. It is the only thing that has ever changed history and the course of action for the good of all. One small voice. One small person. Greta is a perfect example of this. So is Mother Theresa. And it is time. It is a new decade. It is a new era.  We are on the cusp of this planets greatest climate emergency in 2020 that is caused by human ignorance.  There is no other time to act, but now.

What are you waiting for?  The Time is now, today. 



Palo Santo: The Long & Winding Road to Mystical Holy Space

Palo Santo: The long and winding road to a Mystical Holy Space. . . A clearing on the path.


Sometimes we just need to let the light in…no matter how it comes to us. It is there, ready to greet us at every moment of our lives. Shadows, reflections, and illuminating visions are all around us. Always.

The light reflected through my windows opens to Moonshine every night… shadowing the seashells on nearby shelves of curiosities, and brightening the crystals that sparkle with intense white light next to bright orange coral and antique Chinese paintbrushes, pens and pencils. Near to them is white paper, waiting for a poem or message to be written.  

Antique bone china in colors of yellow, gray, and white smile cheerfully next to bright orange champagne bottles (Veuve Clicquot to be exact) that stand tall and are filled with flowers blooming from their necks with happy memories.  Books. Paintings. Art. Sculpture. Antiques. A portrait taken on the beach at sunset with my dog, alongside photographs of all my Beloveds… framed and standing on beautiful easels. Lamps with white light, Peacock feathers moving in the wind, so soft and easy next to the silver and white Apple computer and iPhone on my desktop.  

A cozy tufted chair, a meditation bed with lots of pillows, luxurious Italian linens, a cashmere blanket, and soft music playing in the background against a knobbed cabinet, secretly hiding the treasures of my past. Hidden from plain sight but obvious by their weight in the room, they are there, waiting for my heart to open once again to reveal myself in those darkest moments that lead to Grace.

The antique wooden Buddha sits still with cracks deep inside the wood of its chest and shoulders, completely quiet, and always sitting in silence. She is crowned in gold and jewels with a clay lotus flower held inside her palm, . . . a simple gift from a lovely man at Hermes in Berlin when my Mother and I went to visit her home of long ago.  

Buddha does not notice.  She sees everything from a deep inner knowing of her heart.  Next to her live the purple orchids at a base of candles that light her up every evening, as Appalachian Spring resounds quietly in the background, next to Alina Baraz. Wild Is The Wind completes my evening mediation and ratio until the sound is complete silence and the candles have burned to their end.  

Meditation. Prayer. An old Italian Triptypch, my Alter, with a simple Rosary, a small bottle of Holy Water from the House of the Virgin Mary in Ephesus (Greece) I visited a few years ago… a cedar wooden box of ashes left empty – except for my Beloved Dog Countess’ heart collar and ID tag. A calendar, a notepad, an appointment book, and a small desk next to cabinets. Cups of pens and pencils…a printer filled with paper. Note cards. Staples. Paper clips. Satin Ribbons. Rubber bands. A Tortoise box, a leafy frame, and a crystal Angel next to a crystal gold Beetle.

Smooth stones. Shells from beaches I have visited around the world. Gemstones gathered together. Palo Santo wood sticks to burn.  Two large Ostrich Eggs. A small basket of speckled Birds eggs. An Evergreen Fern. Moss. Blank journals yet to be filled. Antique wine carafes from Shanghai. Two antique teacups and saucers. Cabinets of curiosities. All filled with Love and memories.

Bedside essentials: Zen diffuser and Essential oils (especially Lemon!). Fresh flowers. Candles. Flashlight. Porcelain meditation Bunny (gifted by my Niece). Spiritual books. Prayer books. Art books. Meditation books. The Holy Bible. Soft music and meditations by Sarah Blondin (Insight Timer). Tissues (for laughing, crying, and sneezing), soft linens & PJ’s to sleep in, a cozy blanket and pillows, and most of all, Peace and Quiet and a deep inner Trust that the Universe has your back. xx  

…A reflection upon tiny corners of my world, where I find sources of Inspiration that lead me to that door that always opens, once again.  

Palo Santo: Holy Space. A path that clears. Burn with Intention.






The Beatles put it so beautifully:

The long and winding road
That leads to your door
Will never disappear
I’ve seen that road before
It always leads me here
Lead me to your door

The wild and windy night
That the rain washed away
Has left a pool of tears
Crying for the day
Why leave me standing here?
Let me know the way

Many times I’ve been alone
And many times I’ve cried
Anyway you’ll never know
The many ways I’ve tried

And still they lead me back
To the long and winding road
You left me standing here
A long long time ago
Don’t leave me waiting here
Lead me to your door

But still they lead me back
To the long winding road
You left me standing here
A long long time ago
Don’t keep me waiting here
Lead me to your door


Romance in Shanghai

My handsome Dad!

Dad. He meant the world to me.  This photograph was taken in Shanghai when he was courting my beautiful Mom.  Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads!  

It isn’t often you come across a man like Dusty.  He was full of fire and fury, and love and laughter.  A true romantic at heart who loved adventure and traveling around the world. Perhaps most of all he loved my mother, next to his first love, the ocean.  His big warm heart would swell with laughter that was always contagious, filling the room. He had a zest for life and living it to the fullest, every day.  His heart was also tender and compassionate, always lending a helping hand to anyone who needed it.  

He had movie star good looks, as did Mom.  They were a perfect match for each other! Coming from different worlds in Europe. . . France, Hungary, Germany, and now meeting in Shanghai during the war. Their eyes locked from across a crowded room and that was the beginning of a new world for both of them. They fell in Love and after many travels and departures from the port of Shanghai, they finally married at sea on my father’s ship. Their love was stronger than any desire to protect their past identities, countries of origin and the many challenges that met them in Shanghai.

Dad loved to dance and listen to romantic music, especially Frank Sinatra. He would schmooze my mom onto a dance floor every time with his charm and good looks. She simply could not resist him. And she was lucky. . . her mother also adored him and gave him her approval to marry her daughter. In the wink of an eye and a chance meeting in a place far across the world from where they both began, love took root and they finally left Shanghai when the war ended, as a newly married couple. New York City was the next stop. And the one after that was the sunny beaches of Florida.  

My father came from a large family and it must have been synchronicity that brought them all together in Florida. New husbands and wives. Babies and children. And a life that was not always easy to find their way, and always full of challenges, hopes and dreams, but somehow, through the thick and thin of it they all gathered together as a family.

Miami Beach became their new home, when it was still pristine and natural. Clean beautiful oceans. Quiet. Privacy. No hotels or high-rises. No condos. Just beautiful pristine beaches and islands that connected to the mainland by causeways and bridges. It was an ideal environement for my dad who loved the ocean. But all of this changed when Frank Sinatra came to Miami Beach with his new wife, Ava Gardner, and nestled into a small hotel on the beach. The press brought curiosity to these lovely sandy beaches, and not long after, it attracted developers who ruined the natural beauty of these beach towns. Along with them came the New Yorkers and droves of people from the Northeast. Everything began to change from that moment on.

It’s extraordinary to me that so many of our family members found a way to create a new life in the same place.  For me in many ways it was a ‘heaven on earth’ growing up there. There was not a day I was not in the ocean. . . boating, fishing, sailing, swimming, surfing, and water sports were my daily inspiration. And so many travels to the Bahamas and the Caribbean.  I can’t thank Dad enough for this.  It will stay with me the rest of my life. 

Thank God for his passion. Thank God for his vision. Thank God for his romantic heart and soul. Thank God for his love and laughter.  The last time I saw my father was on New Year’s Eve many years ago.  He and Mom came to visit me during the Christmas holidays when I lived in Malibu.  We had a small family dinner at a charming restaurant nearby on the ocean, and it was one of those special nights when Dad’s laughter filled the room.  

He witnessed Mom taking a photograph from a small flash camera that was backwards and up-side-down in her small hands…thus not capturing our family, but her dress.  He burst out laughing, and I will never forget how contagious his sweet laughter was. It filled the whole room and before we knew it, the story left our table and went on to the next, and the next. We all had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard! (One of those moments when you had to be there to ‘feel’ the laughter and joy.)

Finally the dinner arrived as did the celebratory New Year’s Eve music, dance and champagne. And once again I watched Mom and Dad dance together for the last and final time.  It was there, at the end of these special moments and wonderful evening together that I said my final goodbye to my father. I am so grateful it was such a happy moment in our lives together, as a family celebrating the New Year.  None of us could have dreamed or imagined he would be gone eleven months later. 

Life is so sweet!  Thank you Dad!  Thank you for all your Love! And for all the many years we shared together.  You were one of the greatest Blessings in my Life! I Love You!

And I do know that our love is eternal.  You live right here inside my heart, always and forever. XOXO



Mom’s Rickshaw



Mom In Shanghai, China


This is my Beautiful Mom in Shanghai, China on her Rickshaw during the war when she was a young teenage girl. She left behind her beautiful home in Berlin and everything she knew that was safe and comfortable about her life in Germany to travel across the world and begin a new life in Shanghai. And she did!  She fell in love with my Father, a charming French and Hungarian man, and began a new life in America when the war ended.  They got married in Shanghai, but it was not until the dozenth time that it became official on an American Ship when my Father asked the Captain to take them 3 miles out from shore and marry them. Victory! Love Always Wins!

This Mother’s Day 2019, I feel deeply honored to celebrate with my Mom who is 95 and still standing. Tall, Strong, and Mighty! She taught me so many things about life, but perhaps most of all, she taught me about patience and self care…She always said “You have to live with yourself and find your own balance. . . your own harmony.” And certainly you do to live a life well lived!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers!  I believe every woman is a mother to so many.


Notre Dame Cathedral: The Day After

Notre Dame Cathedral: Protection

The day after. . .

Notre Dame Cathedral is still standing. The heart and soul of the people of France will rebuild as the world stands with them.  Pledges of hundreds of millions of euros are rolling in from both the French and international donors.  It may take decades to restore this extraordinary architectural landmark and sacred grounds. The healing has begun.


The day after…

The Sacred Chapel of Notre Dame 

The Fire…

Softly Letting Go

Softly Letting Go

A crisp and beautiful New Year is arriving, welcoming us into the quiet joy and deep calmness of a life well lived in Gratitude.

On the cusp of this new year, I find myself reflecting on how much I have learned about the beauty of softly letting go.  I am grateful for all the experiences that have brought me deeper inside, to love and accept myself more beautifully, especially on the hard days and in the dark spaces.  

I have smiled more often this past year, even through the pain.  I have learned to speak kind words every day as the smallest act of kindness and caring for another.  And perhaps most important, I have learned to love my beautiful mind more deeply and appreciate the integrity of listening quietly to the voice within me.  

I am grateful for the blessings of change, renewal, and rejuvenation that continue to soften my heart to open more fully, and my mind and body to rest in quiet peace.  The soul always gives us resilience – an essential quality that helps us rebound from hardship and challenge. And as my soulful angel Sarah Blondin says:

It is in the discovery of our inner mystery that we remain curious and receptive to our inner landscape as we intentionally and consciously work toward the outcome we long for.  Learning to be intimate with our heart, mind, and body leads us to Grace as we hold our life with sacred hands. Tenderness is required.  And if we are listening closely to our deep inner wisdom, our feelings will guide us away from suffering and into the surrender of the heart. Inner wisdom will always speak to us if we listen closely.  Our heart expands.

Living with clear intention places our hearts in alignment with love.  As life comes to confront you, weigh each experience in the palm of your hands.  Will these words bring my heart peace and calm or will they cause a storm of hurt and harm or insult? Does this choice bring each person involved into the most loving reality?  Does it uplift or drown my being and theirs?  Does this action bring wind beneath me? Does it expand my sight and seeing? Does it bring wide open horizons or does it bind me closed? What can you hear in the simple rhythms of your body and heart?  

All you must ask is:  Does this choice I am making speak to who I long to be, how I wish to feel, how I wish to make others feel?  Does this choice I am making speak to how I wish for my life to unfold, how I wish to be seen and received?  It’s time to remember now this wisdom within you, your very own instructions in living.  Great love awaits you in the open field of your unprotected heart.  So simple they are, so easy it can become.  It’s time to remember that you know this already. . .this great and wise self woven around you.  It is but one choice,  into the open field of your unprotected heart.

Feel the breeze.  Breath in.  Breath out.  Living with clear intention places your heart in alignment with love.  Your inner guidance system will lead you to flow, uplift, and connection.  Stay Soft. Invite your inner wisdom to speak to you in your quiet moments of rest and respite.

Hello 2019!  May our healing and rejuvenation restore our beautiful mind and heart, body and soul to live more softly, more fully awake and consciously aware of the miracles of living each day with an open heart filled with Gratitude. 

Prayer Books

Prayer Books

Prayer Books

This is my Mother’s Prayer Book that lies on her bedside table. It was given to her by her Tante Frieda on October 11, 1936 on her 13th Birthday in Berlin. It is the Talmud, the centerpiece of Jewish cultural life.

My Oma, my mother’s Mother was a Catholic who fell in love with a Jewish man and married him.  My Grandfather was wise enough to realize it was time to leave Berlin in 1943 and moved the family to Shanghai, China. Another Love Story began in Shanghai when my Mother fell in love with a French / Hungarian / American man who sailed there during the war. After 11 attempts, they finally married at sea, during the 12th ceremony, 3 miles out from Shanghai, on my Father’s ship. Love always wins! My Father was a Christian Catholic and so the roles reversed once again. Love is always the winner, not religion.

As I listen to the news and read all the stories about the present human insanity, and the man who fired up his guns in a synagogue to kill innocent Jewish people, it breaks my heart that there is so much hatred against Jewish communities and people. Temples are for respite, reflection, sanctuary, family, friends, and love. A sacred place to worship and rest in the quiet and silence. So is the church, and any sacred ground of worship . . . no matter the faith or religion. It’s time to come together. And next week, November 6th, it’s time to vote out hatred in this country. Love always wins.

My Beloved Mother’s ancient Prayer Book gifted to her on her 13th Birthday, October 1936.